WhatsApp “Change Number” Feature Rolled out in Beta, Soon For all.

WhatsApp is regularly working to satisfy its users recently they introduced so many features like:-

So today they are once again rocking with their new feature “WhatsApp change number”.

whatsap number change feature update

With this feature user can simply migrate their actual chat list to another new number till now, they don’t have access to change their number if they want to change users need to delete their present WhatsApp account and create another one.

ok, they can change as for their wish but what about the WhatsApp groups they joined.At last, they need to rejoin in all the groups also they need to notify their belongings about their number change.

But with this update user can simply migrate their present data to the new number and also they don’t need to rejoin in groups, They can text as usually.

The user has to change the number on WhatsApp settings. After finishing the installation and giving the old and new numbers, WhatsApp asks you about which contact have to be notified of your new number.

This update is available in beta on play store soon it will be available for iOS and windows.


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