Walmart patent drones of robotic bees for pollination

Robots now becoming bees! robotic bees for pollination helps in Farm automation. We all know about pollination actually done by bees, insects, flies, wind, and self-pollination by plants themselves. But now pollination is done even by robots also.

robotic bees for pollination in farming

Is this is really true? Let’s know about it.

The world’s largest retailer Walmart  US-based company has filed a patent for drone pollination relating to farm automation.

Now robotic bees would pollinate grains or crops just like real insects that fertilize crops.

Uses of Walmart robotic bees for pollination:-

This Walmart robotic bees for pollination drone technology helps to identify the crop-damaging pests and then dispense insecticides on the living creatures.The use of drones carrying pollen dispensers to successfully pollinate crops like good pollinators do.

Walmart company patent filings suggest that it may see a future where farmers use its drones to not only spot crop problems but selectively apply chemicals or even disperse pollen to bring shoppers the freshest and cheapest food possible.

In U.S. agriculture, drones are most often used to survey farms that can span hundreds of acres. The devices fly above fields and take photos that help growers estimate the size of upcoming harvests or identify problems, such as weed infestations and nutrient deficiencies.

Groceries make up 56 percent of the company’s total revenue and Walmart may see drone technology as one way to get food from farms to store shelves faster and more cheaply to compete with Inc.

This drone technology using robotic bees aims to prevent damage to crops, control pest attacks on farms and cross-pollinate plants.

Walmart has also worked with suppliers to reduce the amount of fertilizer used to grow crops because it can pollute the environment.


By using this Walmart drone technology, it absolutely applies pesticides rather than spraying entire fields can benefit the environment and save money for farmers. Thus farmers can prevent these problems and control pests by using this efficient Walmart drone technology.


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