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Whenever it comes to the watching videos, shows, movies, music albums most of us are aware of the YouTube only. But there are several alternatives to YouTube are also available in the digital world. Vimeo is one of the strongest video sharing platforms among these alternatives.

Vimeo video Downloader apk

It has almost all of the features which YouTube is carrying with, not even limited to this, in some of the innovative spheres, it is pretty much ahead from the YouTube. In this article, we are going to share with you everything which you must be aware of this amazing website.

What is Vimeo Video Downloader?

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform which was launched in the year 2004 even one year before the YouTube’s entry into the digital market. In this journey of fourteen years, Vimeo has been expanded to the over 70 million film creators, animators, musicians and other artists as well. The real distinction between the Vimeo and the YouTube is, Vimeo is carrying the special assortment of creative artists, unlike YouTube where all sorts of the videos and contents are available.

The Benefits you can Reap from the Vimeo Video Downloader

By using Vimeo, you can upload your creative videos to a professional community. Vimeo is having a professional network of the artists who really appreciate the arts and creations shared by the others via 9apps apk. By sharing your video embedded with your talent you will observe the appreciations in the comment box. You may compare these comments from the comment section of YouTube where you have shared the same video. By this mean, you will realize why artists and creators prefer Vimeo.

Features Available for the Vimeo Contents Creators

You will find that some of the features are similar to the YouTube and some are highly innovative.

  • Tip Jar: This is a recently launched feature by the Vimeo, where the creator can accept tips from the viewers as an appreciation for their work.
  • No advertisements: There is no distraction by the means of advertisement banners or the initial commercial ads at the beginning of the videos.
  • Upload: You may upload videos in widely-used formats directly from your computer, Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox etc.
  • Enhancer: You can add the background music and sounds by using the Enhancer feature of the Vimeo.
  • Make your collection: The videos which you liked and retain for the future watch or watch later videos will be added to your portfolio.
  • Video School: There is a complete and dedicated section for the tutorial videos for the ease of search by the users.
  • Music Store: There is a separate section which comprises all sorts and genres of the music available in different languages.
  • Royalty free videos: There is a wide range of royalty-free videos, which you can use for your work.
  • Video Statistics: Similar to the YouTube, at Vimeo also, you can track the number of plays and the comments with the help of Vimeo Stats.
  • Sell your videos: This feature is available for the upgraded members only who can sell their creative work on Vimeo.

Membership Plans for Vimeo Video Downloader

Vimeo offers the following major types of the membership plans to its users:

  • Vimeo Free: This account is for the starters, who are not so much interested in the content creation. It comes up with very limited features and 500 MB storage space per week for the uploading. You can migrate to the other plans at the later on.
  • Vimeo Plus: This plan gives you the unlimited bandwidths and a number of features which are not available with the free pack. It gives you the 5 GB storage space per week. Its cost is about $ 9 per month.

Vimeo Pro: This plan has been designed for the professionals. This plan gives you unlimited bandwidth, high-quality pictures, 20 GB storage space per month, pro statistics and much more. The cost is about $ 24 per month.

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