Vera a Russian robot made to hire Humans.See what it actually does.

Technology is overhauling day to day.Today we are discussing about a robot actually made for hiring purpose. Here is Vera a Russian robot made to hire humans Designed by a Russian Startup “Stafory”.Ok, Let’s See how actually works.

Vera a russian robot made to hire humans

How Was Vera Developed?

Vera Was Perfectly Trained by  Programmers totally about 1300 billion examples of syntax, speeches, Wikipedia and job listings to expand the vocabulary to communicate with humans.Vera Was integrated with speech recognition technologies from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

How Does Vera a Russian Robot Works?

One thing you don’t need to worry about it that contains an application to merge duplicate Doesn’t call you two times to interview are to notify the status.

As Per the company Website, it says vera 2300 Interviews Held by Vera with candidates for a variety of positions, 440000 Calls Completed by Vera in the period of work and 1 million
CVs Found by Vera at the request of employers at 5 job sites.

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