Upcoming Technological Products That May Change The World!

You must have seen a plenty of giant leaps in digital technology within these past four to five years. Cloud computing, smartphones, and multi-touch tablets are a few of overturn

We are hyper-excited to know what digital technology has to offer us in the upcoming years. Let’s have a look at these upcoming technological products that are going to redefine the way we function.



Google Glass:-

upcoming technological products google glass


One of the other product that is going to shape the world is Google Glass. You must be aware of the Augmented Reality that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Though it has somehow gotten into our life in many forms, including education applications and simulated experiment, but Google is going to take leaps higher than that of Augmented Reality.

It has recently introduced the Google Glass. Google Glass provides you an opportunity to view feeds, Google Maps, social media, take photos and then navigate with GPS. It even provides you the latest updates when you are on the ground.

Now, this is truly what we call as vision. It is very much possible if the co-founder of Google Sergey Brin demos the Google glass with all creatives and skydivers. There are some developers who can use this device at a time because of it as costly as $1500.

But other tech companies are trying to build a consumer version that is affordable for others too.


Form 1:-

Form 1 future 3D printer


You must be aware of the fact that 3D Printing is the kind of technology that can very easily turn your digital design into a real-life product. And this technology is a very old phenomenon for the advanced mechanical industry that keeps coming up with new thoughts and ideas to shape the world.

One of the ideas that they give is that of owning a personal 3D printer. Isn’t it a very revolutionary idea? It sounds so interesting that everybody can create their own solid real-life product without getting it approved by any giant manufactured. Even the Aston Martin of James Bond that got crashed in one of his movies was also a 3D printed product.

Form 1 is that personal 3D printer that you can buy easily at just $2799. Though it sounds like a very high price but if we compare it to the luxury of producing your own prototypes, we will find that it is not that costly.

Now you can easily imagine a future where every professor has a capability to create their own physical products to explain the complex scientific processes and difficult concepts without facing any hindrances or limitations. This will maximize the creativity with personal productivity.


Oculus Rift:-



One of the other technological product that has surely brought a revolution to a tech industry. Oculus Rift has redefined the Virtual Reality gaming within such a short span of time. This is one of the most history-defining and time-reshaping 3D headsets that can mentally make you feel that you are an important part of a video game you are playing.

Oculus Rift even lets you turn around the head with an ultra-low latency required to look at the world in a high-resolution display. Though there are many premium products in the market that can function just as Oculus Rift but they are not available on as reasonable price as $300. This device lays the foundation for an upcoming generation of gaming.

Even the timing of this device is perfect as the world is currently being infested with the topic of virtual reality due to Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online is an anime series that features the characters who are playing games in the virtual world. Though we are hitting the right triggers, and it will only take a few more years of our hard work Assignment writing service | Aussieassignment, determination, and perseverance to reach that state of realism. And on that journey, Oculus Rift is our first creative effort.


Leap Motion



One of the other technological products that are going to bring a change in the world is Leap Motion. You must be aware of the fact that Multi-touch desktop has failed miserably because hands get very tired if we use it for a longer time.

But Leap Motion is all geared up to challenge this dark area with a dose of a more advanced idea. It lets you have a control over your desktop with your fingers but without touching the screen, which makes it unique.

You need to understand the fact that it is not like your typical motor sensor, this is why it allows you to zoom in the photos and maps, scroll the web page, sign a plenty of documents, and play a first person shooter game with finger and hand movements.  You can buy this just at $70, which is just a price of the PS3 game title.


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