Unknown WhatsApp Tricks [cool Tricks]

Here Are The Two WhatsApp Tricks That You Don’t Know

Most of the whatsApp users don’t know that they have access to lot of features on whatsApp than they see,use.

But before you proceed you need to keep one thing in mind that all this features can be get by using Specially modified whatsApp that is safe to use and trusted.

As a matter of fact i have been using GB WhatsApp since 2 years without any problem.

Now If you don’t know what is GB WhatsApp and you are complete new to this , read this article  ( Click Here )and come back again here!


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I am going to share now the best features that i liked on GB whatsApp

👉 Auto Reply To Messages: Yes no need to worry about late replies,when you have work online and someone messages you seeing that you are online,but you are on online work then this feature helps you by sending message instantly upon receiving particular messages.

You can send replies when the other person/persons sends particular messages like for example : good morning ,when the person sends you good morning ,you can set auto reply as good morning ,like that.

You can see the option in GB settings.


👉 Status Limit To 5-7 Min :  Yea this is the one of the best feature that i like ,you ca even put the whole song as status without any worries.

Original WhatsApp allow up to 1 min i think so.

These two are major features that lot of people don’t know ,even lot of GB Whatsapp users don’t know above things.

Download : Gb WhatsApp

The Above features you read are only two, but there are lot more features like hiding last seen,hiding double ticks,blue ticks ,lot more,read more about GB Whatsapp Using Above Download Link.

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