How to Unblock Whatsapp yourself from someone’s account? [100% working – 2 methods]

Hi, friends In this article, you are going to learn about How to unblock WhatsApp yourself from someone’s Whatsapp account.

Nowadays, WhatsApp is the trending topic and became a part of our lives. Recently it was owned by Facebook, which we all know. Moreover, they are providing wonderful features and support to us.

unblock whatsapp yourself

How to Unblock Whatsapp yourself from someone’s Whatsapp account?

Many people were addicted to the Social Media sites like Whatsapp, which were created for Entertainment and Communication but not for addiction. So please beware of them.

But WhatsApp has an option to block users from our account to prevent messages from them or to hide our profile photo and status.

Unblock whatsapp yourself from someones account

If someone applied this option to you, then don’t worry. We are here to help you to unblock your account.

Here, We are providing some tricks to unblock yourself from someone’s account.

After applying these tricks, you can be able to chat normally with them.



Here is the method to unblock WhatsApp yourself

Steps to Unblock WhatsApp Yourself:-

  1. Open your Whatsapp.
  2. Then go to settings.
  3. open account.
  4. Click on delete my account.
  5. Enter your mobile number to delete your account
  6. Then click on Delete my Account.
  7.  Ok, Now Uninstall WhatsApp in your mobile.
  8. Restart your mobile after uninstalling it.
  9. Now go to PlayStore. Download and install Whatsapp on your mobile.
  10. Create an account by entering your mobile number and details what they need.

That’s it now you are unblocked, now you are able to send messages and media files, also you can preview their profile photo and status.


A Bonus trick for you:-

Steps to do:-

  1. Tell your friend to create WhatsApp group.
  2. Now tell your friend to add you and victim to the group.
  3. Then tell him/her to exit the group.
  4. That’s it. Now you and the victim are only in the group.
  5. Enjoy.


With the help of this can able to unblock yourself from someone’s WhatsApp account.

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