Top 10 alternatives for YouTube Editor.

YouTube is the second largest search engine which is an amazing platform for uploading and viewing online video content. The user can upload their video content to share with other. YouTube had its on-site video editing software which is the most common YouTube video editor and the best choice of users. But YouTube announced that its on-site video editor and photo slideshows will discontinue on 20 September 2017. In this case, people should be aware of its alternatives.

Since online video editors are portable and easy to use, the user prefers to use online video editors for editing their video. They provide options like cut, trim; add music and effects, transitions, text, animations and much more. You can surely buy high-end video editing softwares from top stores and brands, but it is always cheaper to find a free online alternative.

Best way to implement your video editing techniques is working with the best video editors that help you to create stunning videos to impress people.

Since YouTube editor shutting down very soon, there are some petitions running to stop its sudden end, but it is unlikely that will happen. That is the reason why you must find its alternatives and here are the best top 10 alternatives for YouTube editor.

List of Top 10 alternatives for YouTube Editor:-

  1. WeVideo

Make a video like a pro with amazing video editing options like cut, trim, music adding, motion control, screen casting, voice over narration and much more. Best online video editor that makes it easy to capture, edit and create, view and share it to others with a very high 4K resolution of stunning playback.

WeVideo has advanced and unique video editing features also don’t need to be a pro member for creating the impressive and great movies.

It also provides the infinite possibilities to mix and match of about 600 formats of images, audio, video, and graphics. You can create amazing effects and there is no limitation of editing and making your videos awesome.

Cloud storage feature of WeVideo is really wonderful where your photos, audio, and video remain safe and you can access it from any location.


  1. Kioza Video Editor

Turn your simple photos and videos into an exciting movie with Kioza video editor and movie maker.

Cut video clips with its straightforward interface and you can also preview of it.

It has a huge variety of video intros and outros and that can make your video a lot exciting. Browse one of your favorite video intros and outros and drop it directly to the beginning and end of your video.

You can increase the beauty and video look even more by adding the Stylish text effects.

Add background music to your video and you can adjust the audio volume that contains to your video clips.


  1. Video Toolbox


Free video editing tool, capable of processing a video clip files up to 600 MB.

Video Toolbox is a most trusted name, offers awesome video editing features like complete analyses of your video files and provide the detailed information of your video bit rate, codec, frame rate and resolution.

Crop and cut video, you can also merge multiple files into single video track through this editor.

It also provides a facility that adds a text as a watermark to your video clip. Its inbuilt feature which is known as Demux plays important role in extracting video, audio or subtitle text from a video file.

The best thing of Video Toolbox is you can take snapshots and create it as a thumbnail of your video clip.

You can also convert your video to different formats such as 3GP, MP4, WMV and much more, through this tool.


  1. Magisto


Make inspiring and exciting video within a minute. It is easy to understand, fast to upload and edit; and very effective for editing your dream video.

The best video editing tool for video marketing and grow your business in a very short time. It becomes very easy to build a relationship with new customers, grow brand awareness and increase sales creating a powerful video on your business goals. Create, edit and share your business video content through Magisto.

You are in complete control with adding photos and videos, theme, soundtrack etc on your video clip. Magisto is best for marketers and professionals that come with excellent features.


  1. KineMaster – Professional Mobile Video Editing


Download Kinemaster from the Google play store and app store, and start editing your video following its described steps in the app.

It comes with some unique features such as voice recording, full green screen support, speed control and fast motion effects, color adjustment, multi track audio and instant preview of edited video is also included.

It’s Pro-audio feature is wonderful that supports multiple audio formats and adjusts the volume of video clips.

Also, color adjustment feature plays significant to enhance the beauty of your video clip. Kinemaster, a perfect video editing mobile application that allows you to edit video clips properly.


  1. VideoShow


All in one video editing application and very popular among its user due to good and advanced video editing feature.

It is best for creating videos, adding photos, music, texts and some effects to look better.

It has advanced video editing feature to beautify your video with stickers, texts, GIFs, FX effects, music, sound effects, dubbing, transitions and photo filters.

You can create impressive videos on your mobile with the VideoShow app in less time. Surely the best app and I wish to fulfill your requirements to edit video.

Import and export HD quality video with no quality loss and you can share it to the popular social media sites.


  1. Viva Video



VivaVideo, a powerful photo-video editor app, slideshow maker, video player, movie maker app and it can also be used as a video player, converter, and HD video camera.

It comes with some awesome features like best video editing tools, merges video, trim, cut, copy and loop video clips.

Also equipped with advanced video editing functions like video resize, reverse, background blur, playback, video audio and speed control and fade in and out.

It has a huge number of GIF stickers and multiple free video effects for your video clips. Very easy to use and edit your video by this application.

A user-friendly advanced video editing App. There are other so many features included in this app which can be found operating it.


  1. Stupeflix – Video Maker

Stupeflix, as the name suggests video maker and editor tool, edit video in your own style by adding music, photos, and video clips.

Let me tell you about its unique features that work wonder editing digital video content.

Mix photos, music, effects and create stunning videos in seconds. You can make up to 360p or 720p videos and 20 minutes long. You record from your webcam and trim, split and reverse video clips. Also, upload your own music or voice over with dynamic volume management.

Set the custom durations for videos, texts slides, photos, and maps. You can control or change the video clip playback speed.


  1. Wideo – Animation Maker

Create best video animation for your business using Wideo animation maker. A well-known tool that comes with advanced video editing features. Just create, edit and share your video with others easily.

Its drag and drop feature plays an important role to start animating your uploaded images. You can also edit through a ready-made template to create animation.

Very simple to edit your videos using this tool and it comes with some good editing element like drawing, images, and text that help to you to create and edit video clips. The best thing of using this animation maker is: it is really possible to create a fantastic video with some original artwork from the scratches.

The best tool for creating and editing explainer video; and product presentations video.


  1. PowToon

Best for creating an animated presentation and online video editor. Its interactive features for creating animation can make you a perfect video creator and editor. It’s free and awesome that’s why very easy to use editing your video clips online.

Perfect for personal and business use to grab the attention of your customers and bosses creating a wonderful presentation on any project.

Interact, teach and engage with friends using PowToon.

It is better, creating a quick presentation adding some attractive and extraordinary effects in your video clip using PowToon.

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Conclusion: After closing, the user will no longer have to access the video editing feature of YouTube. But the above list of top 10 alternatives of YouTube editor will always be available for you without any reason.

These all video editor comes with advanced video editing features that make you feel easy and comfort through a simple interface. Also flexible, that may help you finish your video editing task very soon.

Hope, I have made the good list of top ten alternatives for YouTube editor and surely going to be useful find the next alternatives of YouTube editor.


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