TIKTOK is Back Again On Playstore – India

Hello everyone, it’s been  along time since i have posted an article in our website due to the health issues.

so anyway let me come straight to the point , that is Article

TIKTOK , when you hear the name you get in your mind time pass,girls,dubs,songs and lot more awesome stuff.

But recently TIKTOK is banned from Playstore in india due to the instructions and order by Indian government.

Lot of people has suffered especially youngsters , but the fact is there is no need to suffer or fear as TIKTOK is just banned from Playstore and not banned normally .

So everyone can use TIKTOK normally , except you don’t get playstore updates , no worries you get updates within app notifications.

But now again government has removed warrant on TIKTOK and now it is available on playstore like usually.

The main reason behind indian ban is because of too many people got addicted to TIKTOK and wasting so much of time.

Personally saying , PUBG is more addictive than TIKTOK but we don’t know why government haven’t took any action.

Well i hope government will not ban , as i am also a PUBG Player.

Hope you like the article, will be back again with a new one.

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