Sgnl strip makes you call by your fingertips? Amazing right!

Usually, We make calls by answering our phones through headphones in traffic, it is a discomfort to handle those smartphones and earphones in rush traffic which further leads to accidents.But now we need not worry about this as Sgnl strip allows us to make you call by our fingertips only.

It’s really Amazing!

sgnl strip for fingersoft communication

How Sgnl strip works:-

Sgnl strip allows you to receive calls while your phone is in your pocket, you just need to place your finger on which hand the strip is connected on your ear, and then simply respond to calls without the need of any extra headphone. Sgnl Strip generates body conducting vibrations when our smartphone receives any calls, it contains an inbuilt microphone to respond. The microphone in the strip lets us talk back.

It is able to transmit high-quality calls, your finger not only transmits the sound but it also blocks out surrounding noise when you’re in sound or noisy areas. So you can hear a very clear voice in loud places without worrying about other people listening in.

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How to use Sgnl strip:-

Sgnl works via Bluetooth, this is how it transmits voice signal from your phone to the strap. It has two technologies, an actuator unit that generates a body-conductible vibration with noticeably low consumption and an audio algorithm that amplifies voice signals with proper wavelength modulation, affirmed Innomdle lab.


  • Sgnl works with the Apple’s Watch and Android Wear.
  • It runs on the Android 4.4 and iOS 9 or later.
  • It has 200mAh battery.

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