How To See Revoked Or Deleted Messages In WhatsApp

🔥 Well well well the Facebook owned social media platform WhatsApp introduced the revoke option for us in which we can delete the sent message from both our WhatsApp history as well as the receivers history.

🔥 Well the perfect way to do crime without getting caught or leaving evidence i say !

🔥 In normal whatsapp you can delete the sent message with in 7 minutes of sending,but in GB whatsApp you get no limit and also lot of features

So let’s see how to see deleted or revoked messages in Whatsapp

⚡️ First of all you need to download GB Whatsapp from here GB Whatsapp Latest Download

⚡️ You may wonder if it’s safe to install or not ,it’s 100% safe to use and i am using it since 3 years.

⚡️ So first of all lets assume you have installed GB Whatsapp in your mobile and using it.

⚡️ Now open GB Whatsapp and click on 3 Dot menu and then open Privacy Tab.

⚡️Then in privacy Tab you can see list of options ,the last option is Enable Anti-Revoke ,just click on it and enable.

see revoked messages in whatsapp

see revoked messages in whatsapp

⚡️ From now on what ever the message is ,if the sender deletes it for both using delete for every one option it will not be deleted for you and can still see the message.

⚡️ So now you have proofs of anything they have sent you even through they delete it from their side.

⚡️ You can see the list of revoked messages by opening the persons profile and you ca see an option called revoked messages ,there you can see the revoked messages.

see revoked messages in whatsapp

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