Popup Ads In a Website Everything You Need To Know

Popup ads are one of the most common type of the ads that we see in some websites.

We see these type of ads especially in the movies websites like putlocker and movie rulz

So popup ads are Good or Bad ?

Well they are both good and bad , few ads will just open in same or another tab with a sponsored page or ad and you can simply close them and there is no problem with such type of the ads.

And then few will continously loop the website redirection and they open again different tabs which is most annoying and when you try to close one tab other popup come and these kind of ads are bad.

Also few popup will struck the web page and ask you to download the application or install app for your android device.

Why Use Of Popup Ads

Popup ads are best way to earn money instead of banner or other type of ads as well as these can be used in illegal sites too so most of the sites with illegal content or movies content will use these ads.

Conclusion: So popup ads help the website owners to generate money and when you see a bad popup redirection simple close the website re open and you will not get popup again or less popup will be come up as it is a matter of cookies in your browser.


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