Polaroid Printer Mod for Moto Z series.

Motorola announced the launch of new Polaroid printer mod for Moto z series. The new Polaroid Printer can instantly print the snaps which were shot by the smartphone. It prints the photo at 2 x 3 inches. They used zinc or Zero – inc Technology to print the snaps.

polaroid printer mod for moto z

They say that zinc paper contains all the colors required to print the snaps and also those papers are water resistant, tear resistant and smudge proof.The user can instantly print their photos whether those are on social media are in the gallery.

Additionally, instant share can automatically customize the images with filters, borders and also with text.

Simply the Polaroid printer sits at the back of mobile like a back case with the help of pogo back magnetic Pins.Polaroid printer contains a battery with the capacity of 500mAh and user can charge it with USB Type-C port. It prints 20 photos while it was fully charged.

Finally, it was available in U.S at the price of $199.9 in India expected around Rs 12,500.

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