Pokemon Go Game Download for Android & iOS

Pokémon go is a game made for smartphones of both Android and iOS platform. It was created by Niantic and was initially launched in selected countries. After its launch, there seen a huge craze for this game. Due to this, the creators decided to launch it in further countries across the world. Pokémon is a Japanese anime series which consists of a little character that battles for medals. This very concept has been used in the game too. Here one has to go and look out for materials known as Pokémon’s. After finding Pokémon, one has to fight a battle with them for gaining medals.

pokemon go game for android and ios

Pokémon go is basically a location-oriented game. It uses smartphones GPS technology and scans the reallocation of the gamers and creates the map virtually. It is one of the widest known game globally. It has been well admired by the gamers around the globe. Upon its release, it became a hot cake in the area of smartphone games. The reason behind is a brilliant concept. Besides this, its features and functions were successful in getting attention from the masses. And one of those highlighted features is that this game allows the players to capture, battle, train, and trade the virtual Pokémon species. This game can be played in both in android as well as IOS platform Android users need to download it from Google Play Store whereas IOS users needed to download it from iTunes.

How to download Pokemon Go Game in Android Phone

You can also download the game in the Google Play store for Androids which is available free to download.

download pokemon go game for android

Download in Google Play Store

  • To download the game using the Google play store, click the Link below.
  • Once you find the Game, click on the Install button to download and install the game.
  • Google play store will automatically install the app on your Android phone

Click Here To download

How to download Pokemon Go Game in iOS device

To complete download procedure for Pokémon go game on your iOS device, then you must follow the below step to download the game.

download pokemon go game for ios

Download from iTunes App store

  • Click iTunes app on your phone, search for the game Pokémon Go
  • Now click on install button for downloading and installing the game
  • Enjoy the Pokémon game on your iPhone

Click Here To download

Features of Pokemon Go Game

This game has one of the brilliant features that top-level game have. Its user-friendly interface and easy to play are highlights of its features. Its features have been discussed below.

Customize Trainer– You can give looks of the trainer according to your will. Also, can control and check other players when anyone visits your gym that you control.

Add Pokédex– Here, you will be a Trainer, and meet the Pokémon according to your level. And to complete your Pokedex you will have to catch more powerful Pokémon.

 Team and Battle– To battle with the other Pokémon one need to join one of three teams. After catching them one can move to the Gym for training them.

Download Free– You can download the Pokémon GO from the Apple App Store and Google Play depending on the phone you use. You can even download Poke Sniper 2 to for free to get the most out of this game.

Photo feature– can also capture the glimpse of the moment with the wild Pokémon. The Pokémon which will be discovered in the way; for that, you just need to turn on the camera features of the smartphone. It will capture the Pokémon you find in the way. This is an excellent facility and liked by all. You can take a shot and will be automatically saved in your Bag.


So these are the complete details regarding the Pokémon Go game. It has received some of the best views from the user. The Japanese Anime series- Pokémon is one of the very well-known shows of the world. The game connects the virtual and real-life location. This game will give the best game for playing. It also allows the players to walk around the location for encountering more Pokémon. Thus one has to move out while playing this game while playing the game.

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