Now Google allows Hindi voice commands on its apps.

On Thursday Google announced the collaboration of Hindi Language in google assistant.In earlier Hindi language is only available on its messaging app ALLO.Initially google assistant could understand such keywords but it replies only in English.

google allows hindi voice commands on google assistant

Now google assistant is available in Hindi queries also, when we ask the question in Hindi, now it will not only reply in English language but also replies in the Hindi language.Such that this update will be helpful for those who know the Hindi language.


At first, you need to update the installed google assistant.if not yet installed then please install it available for both iOS and Android mobiles. after finishing this process, Google assistant automatically takes English as the default language.To allow it for Hindi voice commands you need to change the language in language settings.

Then activate google assistant by long pressing on home button or saying ok google and then say “HEY GOOGLE” to say the command whatever you want, for example, “swatch Bharat” then it will respond to your command in the Hindi language.

These commands spread across various platforms like search, maps, and youtube.This Google assistant is purely and truly acts likewise Indian.It will also available on Android Go devices, ios 9.1.

There is also a dedicated website with the list of commands available for google assistant in Hindi.


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