Movie Download Sites Down- Reasons and Tricks To Get Back

So its 2019 and lot of movie downloading sites are down and government rules become strict for piracy of the movies in which they have officially announced to take down the piracy websites .

Due to that reason Lot of websites are down in lot of countries , especially india.

But don’t worry we got you covered with few tricks and tips for that.

Reasons :

1.So movies are very high budget and if the piracy leaks then they will have huge loss so they try to down websites that provide the piracy.

2.Government laws , anti piracy


4.Banned from hosting provider

5.Domain Banned From Provider

6.No revenue for owners of site.

7.Other reasons

Tips and Tricks

so To over come the country ban, website ban by your internet service provider you can try below way.

>Try VPN apps, they are available for free in the play Store and just download them and connect to the other country and try to open the website and if it open , then you are good to go and if not then try other sites as the site may be down .

>When you enter the domain they may have changed the extension of the domain so wait for the suggestions while you type the domain name and proceed.

You can try these 15 Movie downloading sites to download movies

So if the all the above methods don’t work for you , then better just move to other sites that are available.

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