MOF: Extracts drinkable water from desert air.

Up to now, we know drinking water is extracted from seas.But, now we are going to know about a device which extracts the drinkable water from desert air?

Everybody have a doubt that is it possible to extract the water from desert air which is proved by Massachusetts Institute researchers and UC Berkeley’s.

The main part of the MOF device:

The device has a central part of the design has a material called a metal-organic framework. It is capable of extracting drinkable water from desert air with relative humidity conditions as low as 10%.

This system is mainly based on particles like material that draws moisture into its pores. It mainly depends on how you make the MOF. It can be very hydrophobic means having a strong affinity for water.


During the night, MOF used and it is able to pull water from the air and store it in its pores. On daytime, sunlight is used to release the water and a condenser is used to harvest it.The system is completely unique and the researchers showed it in the arid Arizona climate’s.This device is able to produce liters of water. Thus, this device is very useful in the places which have low water content.

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