Make Instagram Desktop Friendly Here is How?

Unfortunately, Instagram allows users to Share and upload images and videos From their smartphone only.But here I am going to share How to make Instagram desktop friendly?

Actually, It is Quite easy to access Instagram in desktop as a Smartphone.

Ok, Let’s Jump to the processor.

Processor to make Instagram Desktop Friendly

For Mac Users:-

Mac users with Safari browser ->Go to Preferences -> and click on Advanced -> Go to      User Agent -> and select Safari -> then iOS10 -> And then iPhone.

That’s it now You can use Safari as your Smartphone. Camera Button should be at the bottom of the page.

For Windows Users:-

Windows users with Chrome browser -> click right button of the mouse on the page -> select Inspect -> select Tablet Icon.

That’s it Now you can use Chrome as your smartphone.just install Chrome IG to watch your Friends stories.

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