Just a line AR reality app Launched by Google Users now draw white lines in air.

Google has launched an augmented reality app called just a line that users draw white lines in the air.This app is root on the companies previous Tilt app which users paint in 3D space like almost reality app.Tilt brush only works with VR well-suited devices, so just a line is a lot more accessible. Google has designated it from an AR experiment and works only on devices which supports Google’s AR code technology.

just a line reality app launched by google

This app is very simple and funny to use.we can draw any type of images in the fresh air. Our Google shows in many ways how to use it.The outcome looks like Snapchat filters and Instagram stories, but just floating in the air and if you are experienced with this reality app and we can draw round, rings, brand and grindle in the air that you can skateboard through, the lines sometimes look real.

if you want to access this in your phones that must supports AR core, such as the Google Pixel 2, OnePlus 5, Zenfone AR, LG V30, or any of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones.

Finally, just a line is a funny based app which not only attracts the children and also teenage.

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