Its Mario time! Replacing Navigation arrow with Mario on google maps.

now mario on google maps shows the route

Mario now gives turn-by-turn navigation.As, users can now include a Mario on google maps, replacing default arrow on navigation interface with this Mario time cart.

This week Mario invades Google maps, allowing the users to navigate the streets as user’s wish.

This moustachioed plumber makes your travel as a fun trip.

How to Add Mario Kart to your Google Maps:-

You first need to update to the latest version of already installed Google Maps.If Not Yet installed then Please install available on both Android and iOS.Once, you update this, enter the location you wanted to make a trip and this will get your direction.

Before going to start, look for the yellow, a question mark appears at the bottom right side of the screen and enable “Mario Time”.

So, Mario time on Google Maps can now get you where you’re going and help you explore the world around you.

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