Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Features And Details

Recently Apple At Their Event Introduced About The Two iPhone models iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

Looking like the apple is really smart and their products becoming very good as the time passes.

Every time apple amaze and surprise the customers with their products.

The iPhone XS is now available to pre-order in most countries around the world, with the handset going on sale globally from September 21 if you want to pick it up from a store.

So here are the features of iphone Xs and iphone Xs Max

First thing you need to know before reading features is that both iphone Xs and iphone Xs Max have almost same specs and major difference is only screen size.


Screen size iphone xs

Screen size iphone xs

iphone xs and xs max comes with OLED display and accurate colors,HDR ,we can simply say “The Best Display”
As you read earlier ,above screen size is major difference between iphone xs and iphone xs max ,here are details.

iPhone Xs – 5.8”

iPhone Xs Max – 6.5”

iPhone Xs display is the biggest in whole iphone models.

Wireless Charging

iphone xs battery wireless charge

iphone xs battery wireless charge

The glass back of iphone Xs allows it to charge wireless and also it charges faster than the iphone x

Face Unlock 

face unlock iphone xs

face unlock iphone xs

The more improved and excellent accuracy than other models that unlocks at an instant and you can use it to unlock apps ,accounts.

Face ID uses advanced machine learning to Recognise changes in your appearance. Wear a hat. Put on glasses. It even works with many types of sunglasses.

Intelligent A12 Bionic : This is the smartest and powerfull chip with awesome performance and smooth along with excelency for good augmented reality environment.

Intelligent A12 Bionic 

bionic chipset iphone Xs

bionic chipset iphone Xs

The Most Advanced Chip set With excellent performance and speeds.

Key aspects

50℅ faster performance

8 core neural engine

Enhanced image signal processor

50℅ lower power usage

Advanced performance controller.

Dual Camera System

dual camera iphone xs cool

dual camera iphone xs cool

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max comes with 12 MP Dual Rear Cameras and 7 MP Front Camera.

Yes iphone Xs come with dual camera system and with powerful options like

Bokeh and Depth Control

potrait mode photos looks even more professional and you can adjust depth of field in potrait mode.

Enhanced Potrait Mode

Overall accurasy is increased you have more control over your images using bokeh and depth controls.

Smart HDR 

Smart HDR brings more shadow highlight to your photos

Low Light Captures 

The camera sensor features deeper and larger pixels,which results in more good low light photos.

Sharper Action Shots

yes a feature most people like,shots while moving,in this model you get faster sensors and you can freeze the moment in no time.

4k video recording :

Highest video quality recording with 30fps and low light recording support.

Internet Speeds

internet Speeds iphone xs

internet Speeds iphone xs

iPhone XS delivers 4G Advanced LTE for super fast download speeds. And up to 512GB of storage, making this highest-capacity iPhone yet.

Official Release Date Globally : September 21

We can simply say that this series (Xs) of iphones is one of the best from them.

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