How to increase Twitter and instagram followers and likes free [Working]

Hello guys here is a new tutorial on how to get more Instagram or twitter followers for free using Instagram/twitter search and get more Instagram/twitter followers .

This method is genuine and works best ,

Now a days Instagram is very popular and lot of people use instagram and every one need lot of followers either to get more sales for their product or simply want to become popular ,whatever the reason.

Here i explained instagram method in which it is same as twitter and use same tricks on twitter.

So let me explain way to get insta followers and instagram likes fast using this simple trick

💥 First of all if you don’t have an account create one account ,it is easy and free ,you can either create using your own email id or simply sign in/signup with your Facebook account.

💥 Now that you have instagram account ,go to bio and write good info about yourself and your hobbies,etc..

💥 Its important because your bio is what defines about your followers if they don’t know in person.

💥 Now a good profile picture.Upload your best pic as your profile picture.Because good profile picture leads to good followers as some people follow by seeing you’r profile picture.

💥 Now upload best quality photos of your’s as well as below category images and videos.

*Actors , Actress ,Hero’s

*Good Morning

*Good Night

*Nature images

*Nature Images

*Songs Lyrics



*Well i don’t have to mention but 18+ images will do work great

*Movie or song dubs

💥 Here comes the part you are waiting for! Well when ever you upload image or video simply what you have to do is place hash tags like for example if i post an actor pic ,let’s say robert downey junior ,simply place #robertdowneyjunior #ironman#tonystark #avenger #mrstark .

💥 so what you have to do is place those hash tags in description of image or video you going to upload ,in above example i used related tags to robert downey junior because i am uploading his picture. similary what ever pic/video you upload simply place hash tags related to it,

So what happens when you do it?

💥 Well Instagram have a search box right.You can search what ever you like and results come up ,if you notice clearly the search term you type will be in the result of images/video description or similar hash tag will be found.

💥 Simply place all possible hash tags and when ever a user searches that particular word your image or video come up.And if it is nice and cool pic/video user like it and in this way you will get more likes to your uploads and as well as if your content is great and have very good collection of videos and images you will get lot of insta followers and instagram likes.

💥 This method needs some time to work as you have to upload content regularly and keep your account fresh and full of good images/videos.

🌟🌟🌟This is the best and genuine way of getting good followers and good amount of likes on your instagram profile.

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