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How to use picsart tool step by step tutorial

Are you one of them who like editing pics in photoshop like a master?

Then it’s time to use Smartphone Photoshop Tool to save your time and productivity

Wondering what is Smartphone photoshop?

Introducing you the Picsart – Picsart is one of the famous tool from beginners to Photoshop pros today everyone just using Picsart in smartphones to edit any picture instantly.

Every Techies hope is to make their work effortless and easy if you’re a person who uploads posts daily on social media this tool is perfect for your every use

And most used by professionals

“The process of editing is what I enjoy most – putting the pieces together and making sense out of them.” Christian Marclay

Infact, Recently Picsart just crossed 100,000,000+ installs in app stores which is more than google’s snapseed tool installs.

Soo many people use photoshop for their pictures but photoshop is recommended and used for outdoor pictures but picsart is only dedicated for personal uses.

Especially for personal uses like Memes,Birthday wishes, Funny gifs, Face filters, Instagram Stickers, Frames, Effects, Backgrounds, Face effects, Crop, and many more features are launching every time the picsart team is updating their app to make their app user friendly.

It’s easy to use interface will helps to edit pictures fast and run your work fast

Either you’re a meme maker or the one who sends daily wishes, In today’s picsart is the best and user friendly tool among all apps in the playstore.

So let’s see some picsart tutorials on

How to use picsart tool to edit pictures in a step by step tutorial

Photo Editing

To Crop photo in Picsart –

Upload your photo in picsart by clicking on the plus icon and head to “tools” section

Click on crop and and resize the image and resolution and click “tick” cog in the top.

To Apply effects on Picture –

Click on “effects” and select the effect you want and adjust the effect by dragging the “fade” cog (button) and below you will also find FX, Magic, Artistic, Pop Art, Paper, Distort, Colors etc to

To add Stickers like instagram on Picsart –

Head to “Sticker” and select the sticker or search and adjust the sticker with drag and drop like shown in the below picture. You will find stickers which are relative to instagram and tik tok also try them.

Next is Crop your background  –

You can crop your background make changes to them this is the cool feature in the picsart just click on cut out and this feature will auto detect your face and body and crops your background and you can just change the background as shown in the below picture.

These is the output we got you can still modify if you want.

Try Backgrounds –

Instead of designing background templates in photoshop try picsarts backgrounds for free for your stunning pics.

You can also make your pictures as portrait mode by bluring the background just drag the hover shown in the picture.

They will be a bit natural then photoshop designs and easy to edit backgrounds

Add Text to pictures in various fonts

Now click on text and type the text you want to appear on picture and and select different font styles and also adjust the color, stroke, shadow features on the picture.

Add Frames to your pictures –

You can also add frames like birthday wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Albums, all for free just tap the frame you like and adjust the frame on your picture.

Picsart updates latest event templates like new year greetings, christmas wishes, morning quotes daily you can use them free.

Next Mask –

The mask effect will make some effects like rainbow on the pic with different colors, this effects will provide lighting effects which are unique then photoshop and Square Fits –

Square fits option will give you paints, pictures, colors as background you can add your own ones or select in the default ones

You can add your own image on the background and create a facebook profile picture without any photoshop skills.

The Conclusion

Every Picsart tutorial above showed are very natural then photoshop designs and easy to use options. Use picsart to edit your own Profile Pictures, Morning wishes, Birthday wishes and many more

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