How to use Lucky Patcher For In-app Purchases?

As a matter of fact, the biggest and the most prominent reason as to why lucky Patcher has been downloaded over 500 million times is because of its “In-App-Purchase” feature.  Out of all the services provided by Lucky Patcher,  In-app purchase is the most famous and most frequently used by the users all over the world.

lucky patcher for in app purchase

The reason being is that “In App Purchase” allows you to get all the hidden and prime features of a game or premium features of an app without you having to pay anything to Google for that. And hence the frequent use of this feature justify itself.

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Processor to use Lucky Patcher For In-app Purchases:-

Here in this guide, we’re going to provide you an entire tutorial of “how to buy In-App-Purchase” of an application using lucky Patcher –

  • Open lucky patcher and go to the app on which you want to perform “In-App-Purchase” (for ex.- subway surfer). The thing here to remember is that you can’t hack all the android apps & games using this feature! Because Apps like the clash of clans have non-crackable highly secured servers, hence, you can’t help making fake purchases in these type of apps.

  • Select “menu of patches” option and select “create modified apk file” option. Having done that, tap on the apk rebuilt in-app lvl emulation option and rebuild the app. If you’ve rooted your device already then there is no need to create a modified apk file because you can directly patch your apps for free In-App-Purchases. But if your device isn’t rooted then you’ll have to create a modified Apk file.

  • Be patient until the process is finished, once its done go to the file and uninstall the previous apk file and install the new in-app-purchased modified apk file. If you wish to take a back-up of your data before the process you can. you have your application ready for free In-App-Purchases.

  • Now that your app is patched with lucky patcher in-app lvl emulation and all set for making free purchases, launch it and open the coin and gems. we’ll show you how to buy them with the example famous android game “Subway Surfer”.

  • Click on any of the buying options and you’ll see a window popping up like this, select on any of the two latter options or choose both and yeah you’ve just bought the coins and gems for free.

You can repeat the same process to get the premium option of any other app for free. Hence now you can get your hands on almost all the premium and expensive features of an application. Hope the guide helps!



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