How To Earn Money Online

So Here Are The Best Ways To Earn Money Online 2018

  • Either you are a student who want to earn money online or any job holder/not working and looking to earn money online?

 This guide is definitely for you guys

  • Before you proceed let me tell you guys one thing , now a days there are lot of people working online and every minute you waste is loss to you and competition will increase gradually!

There are lot of ways to earn money online and below are the different ways that you are going to learn in this guide!

Note : These topics maybe familiar to you but I am going to teach the effective ways to earn with these methods

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing
  3. YouTube
  4. Reselling
  5. Social Media Earning
  6. #Exclusive Tips


  • So blogging is nothing but sharing the knowledge to the world , people in written format.
  • When you go to google and search for any question the results that will come up are called blogs/websites .
  • The thing you need to do is write articles ,effective articles.
  • Let us say you are a computer science student and know programming well then you can simply teach it in your blog or website ,create your own effective way to teach to attract users.

How to create website or blog ?

Simply go to and create an account or sign in with your gmail ,it is free and you get on screen options to create blogspot .

Choose a better name which you want to and that name will be your blog address Ex:

You can create as many blogs as you want for free.

Simply use free blogger templates or install any custom theme.

Need Help on installation?

You can contact me ,details provided below.

Start writing blog posts and you need patience to earn money.

Write good posts ,share in social media ,create a page for your blog ,ask friends to read.

After your blog getting traffic apply for adsense

Go to and signup ,if your blog is approved then you can easily add ads to your blog and earn money.


WordPress is paid but it is best platform with lot of tools ,fully customizable according to our needs and flexible.

You can create website on wordpress platform by using

WordPress needs hosting and you can buy hosting from godaddy or any similar or simply ask me for better one.

WordPress needs some more knowledge than blogger.

Want help with wordPress from start to end ? Contact me now.

You need to buy yourself a domain ,its website name , like you can see my website

Like that you need to buy yourself a domain from godaddy or bluehost or any other ..

You can also proceed without custom domain name ,but your own domain name looks good and trusty and ranks in google best.

Earn money With Blogging :

Adsense only the best advertiser network and you get paid per click on ads as well as for views so the more visitors or readers to your blog the more you earn.

Blogging Tip: Try Event blogging for fast earning also write on low competition keywords.

From beginning to end blogging : Contact me now

Adsense Tips:

Compulsory : about us ,contact us,sitemap,privacy policy,terms and conditions pages

No copy content

Posts with good no of words,500+



  • Well the simple word is fast money,if you do correctly.
  • Freelancing is nothing but teaching what we know or doing the work for others.
  • More like remote working.

Let us assume that you are perfect in java or c and can do any project on c and java then you can find people who dont know java ,c but in need of them for either creating a game or anything i.e they are investors or have ideas to create something ,then they will search for people who are good in java for work and if you can request him/her to take you for work ,you are done and do the work he/she said and you get paid.

Not only programming ,you can basically do anything.

So i am going to tell you about my freelancing work as an example.

I worked as freelancer in ,what I do is I upload apps to play store and not everyone have a play store developer account and you cannot get for every upload I get 5-10$

And i earned over 200$+ in 1 month.

Here are best freelancing sites.







I prefer for beginners.

So go for first.

Note: Not only above sites you can use social media sites also.


  • Ah you probably know youtube right.
  • Lot of people are earning from the youtube channels and creating you tube channel is free.

You can simply create youtube channel by going to

In the world of youtube the quality of the content matters ,the more the video is interesting ,the more the views you get.

So lot of competition you may think.

Here are few topics that always gets views.

Entertainment,WhatsApp status,Sports,Song lyrics,Hacking ,Viral News

So the thing about youTube is you need to work hard at first ,later you can see results.

How you can earn money?

Yes same you can directly apply to adsense when your channel got 4000 minutes watch time and 1k subscribers.

You get paid per clicks and views on your channel.

Check Out This Guide For More Info : Earn Money With Youtube


  • The word itself says it ,you will just resell others work or products.
Here is how to do it.

So lets say I do logo designing ,assume youre a reseller and what you do is simply reach more people who is in need of logo design and say double amount to do it ,when users agrees to it ,you will simply contact me to logo design and I get my money for logo design and you also get money for your intelligence.


No I dont think so ,finding customers is hard as competition is increased.

But you can find and reach more customers by using social media tricks and tips.

Tip : You can use above freelancing sites to buy services and resell them.

Social Media Earning

  • Lot of people are selling Facebook likes,comments,friends,followers.
  • You can sell facebook likes,comments and friends,followers.
  • Just search for auto likes,comments,followers websites by searching google ,I used abliker

You can sell 100 likes,comments or followers according to your prices.

Lot of people are using social media and addicted ,want likes,comments ,you can approach them and sell likes,others.

This is a little work and no investment method.

Exclusive Tips:
  1. You can sell facebook pages,groups.
  2. You can sell facebook ids with friends list full,you can create fake girl accounts to get more friends for faster selling.
  3. Use quora Instagram,twitter,google plus for more traffic.
  4. Put give aways in social media to get more engagement with audience.
  5. Use social media marketing for youtube or blog promotions.

Thanks For Reading , Liked the guide?

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