How to bypass Google FRP Lock?

In Android phones and Android Operating System, we call Google verification as Factory Reset Protection. This Factory Reset Protection is often shortened to FRP by many of us as it’s always easy to use an abbreviation. Therefore, this FRP is always acknowledged to as an FRP Lock.

how to bypass google frp lock 2 best methods

Most of the Android users would not notice that their phones are usually protected by this Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock until they require to verify Google account to have an access to their phones. Hence, it is important to have a knowledge about FRP as well as how to bypass FRP lock. This article consists of the different methods of bypassing the FRP lock on your Android phones.

Also, it will help you understand how does the Factory Reset Protection actually works. Alternatively, You can also bypass FRPlocks using various apps which you can find using get market apk. This comes forward as a major help if by mistake you forget the Google account and password on your Android phone.

Factory Reset Protection:-

Do you ever wonder how does a setting known as Google Verification work? Or how does Factory Reset Protection plays its part? In this section of the article, we will explain all these things before heading to the process of bypassing the FRP lock on your Android phones. Factory Reset Protection is generally a feature added to the Android devices since the availability of Lollipop update. Most of the Android phones are equipped with this feature excluding the backhand phones.

Once FRP is enabled on your phone, it will help you a lot. Whenever you try or anyone else tries to set up your FRP enabled phone after factory reset in recovery mode, it will require you to verify your account. In this verification process, you need to enter your proper Google account details including the correct password. After the process is completed, it will allow you access your Android phone.

How to bypass Google FRP lock on your Android phones:-

In case you forget the password after the factory reset, then how to bypass this Google verification without using the Google account? The question here is how to bypass FRP Lock without using any third party software or application. There are some tricks which may help you depending on the specifications of your Android phone.

Here are two prominent methods to bypass FRP lock. You can try either of them to get rid of the process of Google verification.

Method -1. Bypass  Google FRP Lock via OEM Unlocking:-

Step -1. Whenever you see the Google verification page after the factory reset, it will ask you for the Google Account password and username which was previously synced to your Android phone. Long press the ‘@’ on the keyboard until a window pops up on the screen.

Step -2. Tap on the Google Keyboard Settings from the pop-up window.

Step -3. On the upper right corner, we will see three dots. Click on them and choose ‘Help & Feedback’ item. Now select a random item and copy some of the text by using the long press. A web search icon will appear on the upper right of the screen. Click on this icon and search for ‘Settings.’

Step -4. Then go to the ‘Developer Options’ from the settings section of your phone. Allow permission to the ‘OEM Unlocking’ from this given list of options.

Step -5. Now reboot your phone and it will show you the ‘Add your account’ page instead of the FRP Page. Add a new Google account and you will have the access to your phone.

Method -2. Bypass Google FRP Lock via Reset:-

Step -1. When you see verify your account page, return to ‘Select WLAN Network’ page and then add a new network.

Step -2. Type some random characters on the Network SSID. Long press on these characters and click on share.

Step -3. A pop-up page will appear and select Gmail from it. It will show Gmail’s app info and go to Notification > App Settings.

Step -4. Choose Manage Account after tapping three dots icon. It will ask ‘You are about to go to the Settings app, where you can add and remove accounts.’ Tap continue to enter Settings.

Step -5. On Settings, choose Backup & Reset > Factory data reset. After this process ends, your Google account will be removed from the phone.


These are the two best ways to bypass FRP lock on your Android phone.

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