Google + Going To Be Shutdown 😞

Yes Google now going to shutdown the Google+ platform for consumers because of user data being accessed by third party app developers in which you give the permission through some websites or apps ,not only your data,your friends data can also be accessed without them giving access to such,once you have given.

Actually this bug was reported on march and its a bug in API of Google+ and patched but haven’t told to users.

Although there is no particular logs of the API because the logs of them will expire after every 2 weeks.So there is no proof that third party developers have used the data of users.But before patching bug back in march they ran tests on that 2 week logs and found out that 438 applications may have used this buggy API and 50,000 accounts were affected.

Also onething is that there is no proof of data being misused so they cannot abuse or suspect anyone.

Other Major Reasons For Google+ for consumer Shutdown

Less usage,people use google+ less compared to other communities and social sites.
90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds.

However google+ is still available for enterprises for corporate level messaging between customers Along with more features.

Actions Google Taking.

Google now want to give and show full permission and overview and control of what you give access to the third party apps.

Previously we just see the all permissions that an third party app asks and choose to accept or reject like below.

Now google made it more good and gonna give awesome user experience,full control to us on what permissions they ask and what to give by one by one so that you can only give sufficient permissions like below.

So they gonna launch this feature soon.

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