Facebook Container: Extension by Firefox to prevent Facebook from traking users.

To prevent Facebook to track users information, Mozilla Firefox created an extension named Facebook Container. In the past article, I mentioned how Google and facebook storing your personal data.if you cant view that then please check and make sure of your personal data.

Facebook container to avoid facebook to spy on users data

So today here I came with an extension created by Mozilla to prevent facebook to track your data.it makes facebook harder to track your search data on other websites through third-party cookies.Such that user can happily continue their entertainment from facebook. also Mozilla at last week that they would pause advertise on facebook till they take stronger action on safeguarding customers’ data.

How Facebook Container Works?

As they mention on their working processor by Installing Facebook Container It will delete all your cookies and logs you out from facebook.Next time when you logged in it open in a blue colored tab.And automatically Blocks if it is not related to Facebook. You can Avail this Facebook Container Here.


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