Facebook Account Passwords And Data Being Sold On Dark Net By Hackers[3$]

Recently as we know that hackers stole API keys of 50 million users of Facebook and all through Facebook claim that accounts are secure ,they just invalidated API keys ,but hackers have full data of your account and selling on dark net

They are selling for as low as 3$ to 12$.

And if they sell personal information like this ,its totally worth between 150$ million to 600$ million


Facebook could be liable for fines of up to $1.63 billion – 4 per cent of its annual global revenue – under the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation.

There may be lot of benefits to those hackers who stole the passwords,user info as they can sell that data to anyone for the advertising and targeting purposes or any other use.

Is This Real?

It looks like it is! The persons who are selling the passwords and data are seem to be good and long term ,trusted sellers on dark net also they have a rating system similar like amazon we can see review also as 5 and 4.8 stars .

Vice President Of Product Management Said That they have no idea who is behind this hack and they are still investigating.

Even financial data is being sold cheaply, with credit card information available for as little as $14 and debit card information for $19.50.


The investigation conducted by the price compare site found that you can purchase the majority of someone’s online life i.e every account of you that you created online for £744.30.

This includes usernames, passwords, email addresses and any personal details associated with your account.

Such as name, address and phone numbers we are in the world of digital ,everything can be possible.

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Yes i have accessed the market place that hackers are selling the passwords and user data in Dark Net and checked out everything i.e the user profile,Price,etc.

But i cannot confirm that they can really hack because i haven’t purchased ,we can buy with bitcoin only,another reason i stopped as i don’t use bitcoins/bitcoin wallet.

All through it’s illegal to surf Dark Net i just visited for educational and investigation purpose to find if its real or rumor.


There are multiple people selling and i checked the reviews on accounts are recent .

For Those Who Don’t Know Anything About Deep Web or Dark Net

The internet we use using normal browsers and browsers are just 16 % or below and the remaining are all hidden and encrypted and can be accessed only using special browsers and connections called as deep web where an approx 96% of data is available.

To access deep web ,in pc you need Tor Browser ,Simply install and surf like hell.

In android you can install Orbot and Orfox and Use The Dark Web.

In Dark Web The Hidden and Dangerous Section Is Dark Net : Guns,Drugs,Accounts,Credit cards,illegal stuff will be sold and available here.


The Facebook information and passwords are also being sold here only in Dark Net

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