Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About FACEBOOK SCAMS.

Hi guys, this is Naveen here. I am back with an interesting topic about Facebook scams and how to eliminate them without effecting on you’s.

facebook has billions of users and increasing day by day. Unexpectedly scammers also take a part of them. Facebook Trying their level best to avoid those scammers to take part on it.

Facebook scams

Also, the Facebook team regularly warns users to take care of their accounts.so many people are suffered by their attacks.Now eliminate your fears and doubts about facebook scams.

Now there are so many ways to avoid them. But before avoiding them we need to know how their attacks affect you and what are those attacks. Well, let’s step into the cheat sheet of facebook scams.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Facebook Scams

Please send money scams:-

Your seeing that someone are suffering from a disease, disease they need some financial support to get rid of the disease.But they don’t give their details perfectly.

Or some messages like facebook gives money for each like or each share.be sure about them facebook never pays for like that messages.if they like to donate they announces officially.

please send money facebook scams


Facebook notice these type of messages or posts as “please send money scams”.

Because those accounts or either fake or might be hacked by scammers. If you find any messages like that you can report them to facebook team.They will take charge of them.

Link to report facebook scams:- https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/?id=277716988959507


Phishing is one of the easiest way for scammers and hackers to attack victims.there are so many types of phishing methods are there, but regularly victims affected for this method.

They create and send some links of web pages to you via messages or posts in groups, and they said click on this link to get more likes or more followers To experience those service you need to login on that site.

when you click on that site it opens like to get this offer you need to login your facebook account.

phishing scams facebook

When you login to that with your details they get your username and password.then those scammers change your details. Make sure that before login to any websites or before giving your details.

Some sites like click here to know who viewed your profile are see who unfriend or blocked you.Don’t trust those facebook never shows like that are never gives authority to anyone to provide those type of services.if they have any services like that they will announce officially.

Those phishing sites are looks like funny fonts with a number of colours are just look a while in URL if you find any @,*,#….are any symbols, you can easily notify them those are phishing sites.

Are some sites like spin this wheel to get iPhone, laptop, don’t trust those.NO one gives you an iPhone for free.you are not a kid to attract those type of methods.

Use your tactics to find out those.


Keylogging is another easiest way to hack facebook. Here hackers send some infected files are applications with keyloggers to victims.When victim installs those on their PC.

whatever you did in your PC those keyloggers automatically sends your information to hackers via emails or those uploads your details to hackers servers.

Even, the victim also doesn’t  know that hacker getting each and every bit which you are doing on your pc.

There is also an another benefit to hacker they also get the passwords which you are using on your computer.

Also check this :- How Hackers hack facebook.


Trojans and backdoors are very harmful and these are also known as keyloggers.These Trojan files are installed automatically along with some software.

Because of not taking safety measures when downloading software from the internet. These files are mainly used to send are receive information from victim’s computer to hackers computer.

backdoors facebook scam

Trojan files are appearing with a combination of some applications like flash drive, flash player, games, or some patch files.

But those type of files are having two applications one the targeted software which you want and another one is Trojan file.

Mainly these Trojan files are created to damage, anonymous or leak the details of victims.when victims install this trojan files it opens a back door of your computer to hackers.

Then hackers can do what they want on your computer.


Social engineering / Anonymous emails:-

It is a method to get passwords by fooling are guessing.In social engineering, they send some anonymous emails from hackers which are convincing and attracting in those emails they ask your details to get those offers are to login those links send by emails.

social engineering facebook scams

Most Effective Ways To Overcome FACEBOOK SCAM‘s Problem.

To avoid those scams without affecting to your facebook accounts follow these instructions given bellow:-

  • Check the details before accepting friend requests.only accept if they are your are friends are belongings.
  • Immediately report such please send money messages to facebook team.before spreading virally.
  • Please make sure before giving you details or logging into any websites.check the URL once and then login to those sites.
  • Avoid auto likes, auto followers, auto invite plugins etc.
  • No one can have authority to show who viewed, blocked or unfriended your profile, Don’t trust those.
  • Use your tactics to notice anonymous emails, facebook never ask your details like username or password via emails.
  • Don’t click on any suspicious notifications.
  • Check the files before downloading softwares.
  • Use good anti viruses to avoid Trojan files.
  • Make strong your internet security.

Please share this information to your belongings.


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