Difference between whatsapp and WhatsApp plus.

Hey, many of the users in the whole world are using WhatsApp in their smartphones for chatting, calling and for many more reasons.

But there are some WhatsApp mod available in the internet

whatsapp plus apk

Basically, WhatsApp launched in 2009 and WhatsApp support almost all Android and iOS device .in the WhatsApp there are some restrictions of features like you can,t hide blue tick, double tick, auto-reply and more.

so here is a similar app like WhatsApp but this is awesome named WhatsApp plus APK in this post I am going to explain you how WhatsApp plus is different from WhatsApp

WhatsApp plus APK features

WhatsApp plus is modes version of WhatsApp and there are no restriction of features and in the WhatsApp plus there are many things you can do

Like customize chat, themes, image sharing without losing quality and more things

  • Hide status (Connected now): Hide your Internet connection status and use GBWhatsApp freely and view them all offline (offline).
  • Hide the blue: for contacts and group, even as you read the message.
  • Hide writing: You can hide the currently writing contacts and group when you write a message.
  • Hide the recording status: You can hide the recording of contacts and group when recording sound.
  • Hide the blue signal when you hear the recording: You can hide a signal that you have heard the recording or soundtrack from the contacts and group when you open the sound.
  • Hide View status: Hide the status so your name will not appear if you’ve seen the status.
  • Send files: You can send any files (attached) such as PDF, TXT, and Docs up to 50 MB.
  • Easy Camera: Send images and record video with high quality and greater speed.
  • Video & Photos: You can send high-quality photos and videos from Gallery or File Manager up to 50 MB.
  • Recordings and tracks: You can send audio or music files from a player or file manager up to 50 MB.
  • Location: You can share your location in just one click.
  • Contacts: You can select a message and send it to more than one contact at the same time


WhatsApp Plus is very rich in themes, coming pre-installed with over 700 themes which can be sorted depending on level (by name, version, date or downloads). Unlike WhatsApp Plus, the original version doesn’t allow you to make some changes to the chat screen and doesn’t let you change the color of the text or the bar colors.


WhatsApp Plus brought new emoticons that came on Google’s Hangouts. Unfortunately, if you use one of the exclusive smileys, they’ll be seen only by those who are using WhatsApp Plus. The ones who have the original application will see a question mark. This is one of the reasons why you’d want to upgrade to the new version.

Editing and Sharing Files

While the original version doesn’t allow you to edit files, WhatsApp Plus can change the size limits of the files you want to send, from 2MB to 50MB, and to maintain the image quality of your photos or videos. There are six menus which you can use to make changes to the setting of the files.

You can change the colors, size of images or contact image, you can disable animations and voice notes, or the size of the color of the widgets etc. The original application allows you to send files under 20MB.

Almost a year ago, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for 19 billion dollars and until they’ll recover their investment there is a slight chance to see improvements done to this application. Until Facebook will release a new version with better or additional features, you can install its rival.


WhatsApp plus is an awesome mod of original WhatsApp and many amazing features in WhatsApp plus I personally using it you should also try this.

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