Have You Decided To Be Part Of The Wild World Of Wikipedia

In the present time, the English Wikipedia portrays more than five million articles inclusive of the one that gives this information. It’s has become a reality the Wikipedia has become the go-to source of data on the internet next to Google, and there is the Wikipedia page for fundamentally everything, but the question is still there if you have one for your biography? Many are still searching for the answer for How to create a Wikipedia biography. Since Wikipedia is a crowd-sourced website, you can create any related to any subject you want to upload on the encyclopedia. However, that doesn’t mean the page will stay for longer along with the technical details for creating a Wikipedia biography you will need to come up with the Wikipedia policies and guidelines to keep the publications accurate and fair. it can take a bit of commitment so before we dig deep in the Wikipedia page lets initiate with a reason why creating a wiki biography worth your time.

  • If you have created an inventive new product that needs to be shared with the world
  • You are introducing a new category and technology that has not been submitted to Wikipedia till this day.
  • There are some good buzz going around about you, your brand or any achievement of yours
  • You want to steer the story that is being told about your brand
  • Are you still ready to enter the wild world of Wikipedia let’s turn it over with the experts’ advice

Before creating a page

Before creating a page

Creating a Wikipedia page may appear like a great move for the online presence of your company for many of the internet users depend on the online encyclopedia for the information getting some knowledge on the platform about your business might appear like a smart decision. Though Wikipedia has several rules related to the biography pages, particularly the ones that are created with paid writers.  To ensure that there are no conflicts of interests, here are some guidelines you need to be familiar with before creating the biography pages.

The Notability Criteria

notability criteria

The Wikipedia editors will use the notability of the subject to evaluate if it complements the article contributed about. The topic values an article if it has a potential coverage or has coverage from many unbiased and unrelated sources. The sources need to be reliable and reasonably objective, the articles that might not comply with the guidelines will be deleted or flagged with other pages.

The Independent And Reliable Sources

Adding references and citations are the best way to prove the notability of the topic, the best resources are the ones that are reliable and independent the ones that are difficult to be modified on an impulse. Print publications are the most reliable ones, such as books, newspaper, magazines, and journals. The online source that goes with the same requirements, such as the print sources, are the constant references that you can make use of your resources. The social media, business websites, and blogs are not reliable since the material can be modified and removed at any time.

How to Create a Page

create a page

Ensure that you have created an account before you attempt to create pages on. As you do, the most convenient means is by the article wizard. Click the option given at the bottom to create a new page, and you will have the opportunity to search if your page already has an article. Even if you think that your page creation is not possible still it’s wise to double check. Once you have checked and searched that your subject doesn’t already exist, take the lead and create the new article with the article wizard. As you have done writing your content, keep in mind that the page comes goes with the general format for the Wikipedia page, with an introduction, sections, and subheadings as well as the citations and references ideally in place. You can come up with the random article to have the general idea of the page structure.

Once you have created the page, you can ask for the feedback from the editor, the more set of eyes that have assessed your page, the more reliable be the material on the page. More editors on the article interpret that more people will be able to evaluate your piece of contributions, it will make it less exposed to biases. It may not be the case that several editors will go out of their way to make edits to your piece, so asking for the feedback might be the most reliable means to get edited from several sources.

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