How to color code files, folders Windows 10?

Windows provides us with various facilities to save data in various formats. However, they don’t have any default facilities to variant the same type of files from each other. So, here is a tutorial on How to color code files, folders Windows 10 to differentiate between various files easily. To get more Windows 10 helps here.

color code files, folders Windows 10 with customized software

Naming the files based on the content and placing them in folders in a well-arranged way are some of the ways to figure of the right file at the right place, but this can also be time-consuming. However, coloring them in different colors will always make it easier.

Though Windows does not provide this facility, we have some customized software package which can be used to alter the folders with different color codes. There are some freeware and some available for pay. Colorizer is one of the freeware software application available for free can help you color code your files and folders.

Here are the steps to color code files, folders Windows 10:-

Install Colorizer –

  • Go to Softpedia and open the Colorizer page in Windows 10
  • Click on Download Now button
  • Save the Software Setup and then click on Folder Colorizer Set up
  • Then Install Colorizer

As soon as you install the Colorizer, right click on the desktop of your screen and then click on New -> Desktop and add a new folder. After you create the folder, right click on the folder and select the Colorizer option from the context menu. Selecting Colorizer will open the Submenu.

The Submenu will contain a limited option of color you would like to prefer for your new folder. Choose your favorite color and the folder will immediately change its color. In case you don’t like the change, you can always undo it by clicking on Restore Original Color option available in the context menu.

In case if you want more options to select the color for your folder, click on Colors option available in the submenu context box, a dialog box will appear which will provide a variety of optioned colors.

A circular palette will have custom colors which you can select by dragging the mouse over the color palette. In order to add more colors to the submenu, you should press the ADD Color Button and select the desired color from the circular palette.

Therefore, Colorize is the best freeware software package available for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. There are some more software packages like Folderico and FolderMarker which will cost you a little and provide you the same facility as Colorizer does it for free.

Hope this tutorial has helped you learn How to color-code files and folders in Windows 10 through Colorizer, a freeware Software App.

Apart from this, Windows 10 has some options to customize your desktop color and Start menu. All you have to do is right-click the desktop, click on Personalize option from context menu.

You can select the colors tab and then select the desired color you wish to choose. You will have a variety of option to change your background, add themes and colors too.

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