Best IOS 12 Features [10th feature is awesome]

Finally IOS 12 has been rolled out officially

Yes now the official version of ios 12 is available to all devices which are running on ios 11 probably as well as for new devices.

Also dont forget to heck supported devises list below.

Let’s see the features of ios 12

1. SIRI Shortcuts [Build Your Own ]


yes its awesome right ,now you can create your own siri shortcuts,as you can see below image ,simply tap on plus and you can set your own shortcut easily.

Best thing is not only in iphone you can use the siri shortcuts ,but also in homepods and apple watches.

2. SIRI Suggestions [Artificial Intelligence]


When you use spotlight search tool,you can see suggestions showing up underneath,the suggestions were sent by siri from your activity on device,the more you use ios 12 ,device the more siri will learn and the best it will give suggestions.

The suggestions all vary from day to day depending on your daily activity on phone,it maybe either texting your friend or opening a pending message ,etc.

3. Animoji and Memoji

Animoji and Memoji

ios 12 features

Now apple introduced more characters in animoji as well as you can do an extra fun action that is sticking out your tongue and also more good improvement on face mapping.

Memoji – The new feature , you can create augmented reality characters which resembles your face,looking like you,you can change hairstyle,skin tone,eyes,etc.

4. Battery Management Information

battery-management ios 12

You can see the detailed stats of your battery usage hourly,day usage as well for 2 days usage,you can see which apps consuming battery,etc details clearly.

5. Grouped Notifications


This is really a good feature for those annoying and disturbing notifications for some people ,notification bar filled with full of notifications.

Now notifications will automatically grouped depending on type of notification ,like social media notification all into one thread,you can swipe one notification and whole tread will be collapsed.

6. Managing Screen Time

screen time ios 12

Now you can see how much you are addicted to your iphone or ipad , ios 12 provides a detailed stats on how much time you spent on your mobile,on which apps you have spent the can see weekly stats too.

Also With App Limits feature, you can also set your own limits for how much time you want to spend on a specific app. You’ll then receive notifications letting you know that time is almost up and once you’ve reached your limit.

7. App Updates

Following apps have been updated on ios 12

News App

Voice Memo App

ibooks to Apple Books


8. Do Not Disturb At Bed Time

donotdisturb ios 12

This feature allows you to set on/off do not disturb feature ,while this feature is turned on you will not receive any notifications at all and you can also set the end time for this feature to automatically turn off or when you go to particular locations it will be turned off.

9. Photos

photos ios 12

In the Photo app, iOS 12 brings Search Suggestions, which highlights your photos based on key events or categories such as swimming and hiking.

You’ll also be able to search for places by business name or a broader category such as a museum.

Photos also indexes more than 4 million events by time and place, allowing you to search for specific photos based on terms like vacation and surfing. You will also receive suggestions on specific things to search.

10. Measure objects with augmented reality

ar measurement ios 12

You can now measure objects,things using an app called measure ,simply open the app and your camera will open,point towards object you want to measure and voila you can see the height or width.

Also With better accuracy!

11. AR Experiences

ar experience ios 12

the new and improved ARKit 2 that comes as part of iOS 12 will make AR apps even more powerful, though it might take some time for such apps to start appearing.

AR experiences can now be shared with other iOS 12 users, for example, or kept persistent—tied to an object or location, ready to reappear in the same spot in the future.

12. Group video calling in FaceTime

group calling ios 12

Yes now ios 12 gives you power to group call and that too with up to 32 people at a time,you can use animoji,memoji this feature is not yet released with ios 12 ,but very soon going to be rolled out.

Above are best features of ios 12

Other Normal Features:

Improved Face unlock

On apple ios 12 you can see an improved face unlock with better detection.

Improved Potrait Mode

Much improvements has been done to camera app and it can more accurately detect the person and the background for blur,focusing.

List of ios 12 supported devices

•iPhone XS
• iPhone XR
• iPhone X
• iPhone 8
• iPhone 8 Plus
• iPhone 7
• iPhone 7 Plus
• iPhone 6s
• iPhone 6s Plus
• iPhone 6
• iPhone 6 Plus
• iPhone SE
• iPhone 5s

• 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd generation
• iPod touch 6th generation
• iPhone XS Max
• 10.5-inch iPad Pro
• 9.7-inch iPad Pro
• iPad 6th generation
• iPad 5th generation
• iPad Air 2
• iPad Air
• iPad mini 4
• iPad mini 3
• iPad mini 2
• 12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st generation

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