Aqueous Battery will charge in 30 Seconds!

Are you getting late for charge your phone for a long time?  But Nowadays people are using better-performed mobiles but what about the phone chargers, Chargers also developed but in design only.

According to the design, the charging time of the phone is not reduced. But now the charging time of Phone is reduced to 30 Seconds Only.

Yes! Its true, Are You want to Know about it. Ok, let’s Step in.

Kaist Battery

Nowadays all are using the Li-ion batteries which are taking a long time to charge. The new creation of KAIST(Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) is made the liquid electrolyte sandwiched between a specially-designed anode and cathode.

In this battery, the anode is made up of polymer chain materials based on graphene, which gives high surface area, allowing that to store more energy.

As like as cathode material was made up of nickel oxide. Graphine is Embedded as Nano-Particles.

Really thanks to KAIST for arranging the whole structure in this new device which has higher energy and also the fastest energy exchanger than other aqueous battery, It has more stability of energy maintaining capacity at closer to 100 percent over 100,000 redox cycles.

The power systems like a conventional USB charger. The KAIST testing team has taken two of batteries to flexible and was able to power an LED, the Whole kit was work as the sleeve.

This technology was fully Eco-Friendly which is easily manufactured and also easy to apply. In order to it, it contains the highest capacity to Store the Energy And Also High Stability of energy with speed energy transmission.


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