Android Users Now Surf the Web without Internet.

On Thursday Google Revealed a new feature for its Android users that is now Google Chrome allows you to surf the web without internet.

Google Chrome users who are in India and more countries for which this feature is available can surf the web without constant internet. This feature is available in 100 Countries.

google allows users to surf the web without internet

This is the most useful feature for web surfers who are leading their day by traveling also with other tasks. But right now am speaking about the travelers, while traveling from one place to another place there are so many disturbances like internet connection loss. so that they cannot surf the web constantly.

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For those Google latest feature is most helpful.

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Google Chrome automatically downloads the content which is most popular in your location when it gets internet connection .so, that user can access the downloaded content at any time.

So finally to utilize this feature user need to install are update already installed Google Chrome for better Performance.

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