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Well You simply Cannot Download/Watch Mirzapur season or any other one Except you have Amazon Prime Account and it is one of the bes tmovie that you should watch as season 2 is coming this year said by director.

But Let me tell you few tricks to do it, Get It Done For Free.

  1. Amazon Prime Trick

First of all hoping you have a valid cc or Debit card , go for Amazon Prime Trail and Create an account , They will ask for trail and you can signup for free trail , I think so it will give a month premium Access.

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After the trail expiry it will charge and before expiry of the trail just remove your card from the account or close the account.

Now again open another new account follow above steps and to get card to put for trail go with Telegram carding groups and they will post daily cards so pick them and use.

Download : So for Download i will tell you a trick, Just use any screen recorder and record the movie in the amazon prime trail account while playing in full screen.

Also You can Try This site But It May or may not work Click Here

2.Google Trick

Not only above site you can also try out google search and find it,but you just cannot do it normally as lot of sites has been blocked in few countries especially india.

So to do tht use Any Free VPN app and connect to other countries like US,UK,Germany and then search in google,you may get results,sites that work.

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