Alterego Headset: can hear the words what you say in head developed by MIT’s researchers.

Alterego headset a device which was developed by MIT researchers it can identify words what you think in the head but doesn’t actually say, by reading signals the brain sends to the face and jaw while during inside speech.

The AlterEgo headset catches the neuromuscular signals that occur when people mean to speak and uses a neural network to restructure the word.

alter ego headset a revolutionary gadget


MIT researchers developed a device you wear on your head like a headset that can measure neuromuscular signals that get triggered when you subvocalize.Subvocalization signals detected by electrodes and turned into words using AI.

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The MIT system has electrodes that take up the signals when you vocalize internally which use vibrations delivered to the bones of your inner ear without interrupting your ear canal. The signals are sent to a computer that uses neural networks to define your words.

AlterEgo  Headset Utilisation:

If you want to practice this device just silently saying words in your head and then this gadget says loudly what you say in your head.Before using this device you have to compulsory wear it to your face like as a headset.


By using this device uneducated people can calculate the numbers what they think in their head and that device say loudly to the person this will be helpful in shopping Malls, Marketing, etc.AlterEgo wearer controls the smart devices like TV, phones etc.and we can ask Google what do you want.

Also, we can know the opponent feelings during when you are playing games with others.You can use this device in noisy places such as traffic signals, Airports, bus stands if want to assist the customers or persons.



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