AIUR Speakers : Allows you turn up the volume By waving your Hands.

The ‘AIUR’ speaker has been developed as a revolutionary piece of equipment for the home that will provide a new experience when it comes to listening to your favorite tunes and music you enjoy.The AIUR Speakers 360° Air Gesture Control Hi-Fi Speaker launched on Kickstarter.

AIUR speaker launch

As music lovers, we are always looking for ways to make our listening experience better, the AIUR team noted on its Kickstarter page. And for these People, “better” relates to gesture control.

Rather than relying upon remote or physical control on the speaker itself, the AIUR will allow you to adjust volume, change songs, pair to new devices, and more — all with a simple hand motion.


The AIUR 360 speaker is capable of recognizing up to 10 different types of hand gesture and allows you to simply wave your hand over the speaker to adjust volume, switch tunes, pair to new devices, and more.

“The complex pattern recognition algorithms embedded in the software, combined with a high tech 15mm sensor module, allow the AIUR to detect over 10 types of hand movements & gestures up to a range of 11 inches.

Features  of AIUR Speakers

  • We can change the songs easily by just moving our hand.
  • Adjusting the volume,
  • Play & Pause track
  • Control makes AIUR the most versatile
  • Useful gesture control speaker also available

Working With AIUR Speakers

AIUR speaker launch

  • The speaker works by featuring an inverted teardrop design that will spread sound waves evenly throughout a space to ensure your music sounds as crisp and high-quality as possible.
  • The unit really shines when it comes to the user interface that incorporates gesture controls to let you make various signals with your hand near the speaker to perform different actions.
  • This means you won’t have to physically touch the unit or your smartphone to change the song, volume or even take a call.

Specifications of  AIUR speakers

  • The AIUR connects to mobile devices using Bluetooth 4.2
  • Providing 360-degree sound, the speaker can recognize 10 different hand gestures from up to 11 inches away
  • Its rechargeable 6000mAh onboard
  • The battery promises to support more than 12 hours of streaming content.
  • The exterior of the speaker is water resistant,

So that you can enjoy your favorite music while outdoors or in your bathroom without worrying about ruining the AIUR.

Hence, this gadget helps music lovers to listen to their favorite music by just waving hands and makeup calls and you can adjust volume, change songs, pair to new devices, and more — all with a simple hand motion.

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