How to Add Subtitle to MX Player-Full Guide.

Every Smartphone users those who love to get entertain with video and movies in their phone need to install a multifunctional video play app. There are many video player apps but few offers you to add subtitle easily. MX player is one of the best video player app that is now using by millions of people. It is popular for its friendly interface and wide functionalities.


If you are not familiar with the foreign language then a subtitle can help you to understand a movie. Accent differs from countries to countries, so if you are from the UK and watching USA movies then you might miss some part or fail to understand what they are talking. But if your player support subtitles then you can easily understand everything. Steps to add subtitles in some apps are lengthy but MX player for its friendly interface offers you an easy way to add subtitles. Here I am going to share with the steps to add subtitle to MX player.

Download and Manage Subtitle on MX player

Downloading and managing subtitle on MX player is easy. Suppose you have not downloaded yet. SRT file for any video or you have missed to transfer the subtitle file to your mobile SD card. In this case, you can download the subtitle file directly from the interface of the MX player.


Click on the three dots (menu of MX player) and select Subtitle Settings. Once you have clicked on this option you will get another option to directly add Subtitles from online. Now download the suitable subtitle and directly add it on the MX player. But first of all, you will need to download MX player on your device to do all this.

On MX player there present an inbuilt tool with the help of which you can download the desired subtitles from the different search result. Whatever subtitle you have chosen it will get automatically saved on the subtitle folder of the MX player.

Manage Subtitles on MX Player:

Downloading and managing subtitles on MX Player is easy as with it you can easily synchronize it with video. Sometime subtitle that you have download might not be perfect with your video and sometimes video and subtitles not get synchronized. To deals with subtitles synchronization, click on the MX player and then to the Synchronize the Subtitles. With the help of this tool, you can easily speed up or slow down the speed of subtitle.

Even on the MX player Subtitles settings, you can choose color, fonts, size, and scale of the subtitles as per your requirements. All the subtitle settings son MX Player can be managed by soft touch while you are watching videos.

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How to Add Subtitle to MX Player:-

If you have downloaded the subtitle of your video or film on your computer then you need to transfer it to your phone. On MX player you have to save the subtitle. SRT file in the same folder where you have saved all your videos.



After you have downloaded the subtitle you need to rename it as your video file. If the name of the video file is xyz then you have to rename the subtitle as xyz.SRT.

Now go to the MX player and play the movie. After the movie started click on the menu of the MX player and select option Subtitle. Now you have to import the subtitle file of that video to it.

Some MX Player Alternatives:

There are many different apps present on all leading app store that helps you to watch movies and videos on your smartphone. If you are not using MX player or you find the steps to add subtitles to MX player complicated then you can use some other apps that also supports subtitles and offers an easy way to synchronize with your video. Video Player apps like VLC, KM Player, BS Player offers friendly interface like MX Player and offers its users to add subtitles more easily and quickly.

MX player develops with great interface and tools that make this app friendly and best among all video player apps. Its features are many which help its users to watch movies and videos easily. If you love to watch movies and videos with subtitles than download MX player and try its subtitle feature. Its interface is easy which able users to add subtitles to MX Player easily.


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