6 Steps For Perfect Write-up Of Article Or Book.

6 Easy Steps + Tools To Come Up With A Promising Essay Every time!

If you are a writer then you already know the fact that writing an essay can sometimes be a little burdensome task. I personally know many university students who struggle searching for the best way to finish their assignments.

Although, there are many strategies which one can follow to create an amazing essay but the best technique which I personally like is breaking down the whole into steps. The best trick to finish your essay assignments is to break down it into small pieces. There are some amazing applications available these days to help you out with such kind of cases.

In this article, I’ll be listing down some tools which will be going to help you out with your essay writing without putting many efforts.

So, let’s begin.

1. Brainstorming Ideas

This is the very first step before actually getting started with the writing part. Selecting a good topic for your essay means a lot. I know that it can be a stressful task for some people as there are hundreds of interesting topics boggling in your mind.

In such a case, I would suggest you brainstorm all your interesting topics and note them down. This is the best way which will help you out selecting the best topic for your essay. Another benefit of following this tip is that you can clearly imagine how much you can actually write before getting started.

Freemind is an amazing app which can help you in organizing all your thoughts into a visual map.

2. Getting Started With the Writing Part

After selecting a suitable topic for your essay, you’re now all ready to get started with the writing part. When you are writing all your points and comparing it with your outline, it’s normal to get easily distracted by other things present in your computer. Youtube, Social Media Networking platforms and even games can bother you sometimes in between your work.

To handle such type of situations, FocusWriter can help you.

FocusWriter helps you by converting your computer screen to a simple word processor.

The writer can have their sole attention on their writing part instead of getting distracted by other stuff online.

I’ll also suggest you go for Google Docs to continuing your writing part. Google Docs helps you to get access to your documents anywhere anytime. You can also switch on its work offline feature if you are worried to get distracted by being online. With its clean and simple layout, you can focus on your work properly.

3. Putting Graphics

All of us knows the facts that images speak a lot more than words. Many Students and even copywriters prefer to use interesting graphics to make their essays look more attractive. Students belonging to science and business field, know how to use images to describe their points properly.

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But, finding the right kind of image is not that easy.

It can be a frustrating task to search for good images which you can relate with your content.

There’s an online tool named Canva. Canva can easily help you to create your own images that look both interesting and professional at the same time. I have seen many people who aren’t that comfortable using photoshop. For all those guys, Canva is a perfect tool to come up with interesting graphics for their content.

4. Revise your Essay

After finishing your first draft, it’s revision time. Revising your essay after completing it is the most vital step you should do carefully. In this step, one focuses on comparing essay with outlines and checking details from rough notes.

Using a tool named Evernote, you can carry out all these tasks nicely. With the help of Evernote, you can keep track of all your documents properly and organize them when it’s your revision time. It’s an amazing tool, widely used by many students and blogger all across the globe.

5. Grammar Check!

Students mainly look for the thoughts and information which they have added to their content but at the same time, they should also check for grammatical errors. Editing your content and correcting grammatical errors ensures the high quality of your essay.

Grammarly is an online tool which can help you to correct your grammatical mistakes. I personally use this amazing online tool for checking my blog post before actually publishing it online.

All sorts of mistakes like punctuations, spelling, grammar faux pas, using wrong words etc are all easily detected and corrected by Grammarly.

6. It’s ready? A Final Touch!

Before submitting your final content, one should make it all clear that everything’s okay. Make it sure that all the things are well organized and delivered as neatly as possible. But still, it’s your work and sometimes you can’t even find out what’s wrong with your work.

For such cases, ProWritingAid comes handy. It’s an interesting app which helps you to make sure that the content is written is top notch. Not just only grammatical errors but also repetition of same words, weak transitions etc are pointed out.

Final Words – Conclusion

It’s Ready!

Taking help from all the above-mentioned apps will ensure that content is written is top notch. Copywriters and Students will able to come up with high-quality essay if they prefer using these tools. If you’ll keep all your things planned as mentioned above then I can guarantee you that you’ll end up writing a mind-blowing essay every time.

That’s all with this article. If you liked this article then kindly share it with your online network and friends. At last, in case you have any kind of doubt or want to give your feedback about the above content then you are most welcome to leave your valuable comments below in the comment section… 🙂

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