five awesome Android tips and tricks

Here are the five awesome Android tips and tricks

➤Almost Every One Today Uses Android Smart Phones.
➤So here are few cool and awesome android tips and tricks for you guys.
1.Automatically your phone unlocks when you’re in home.



➣This feature is very cool and you can set the trusted location in your android smart phone, so when you go to that location your smart phone automatically unlocks the lock.
➣As long as you’re in that trusted location your phone won’t unlock.
➣Cool right, lot of people tired of always unlocking the device even at home, as the main purpose of locking mobile to prevent others to access it or prevent from theft.When you’re in the home it’s safe and no need of locking.
Go to settings>security>smart lock>trusted places, and set the address where you don’t want to be locked out of your phone.
➠There are other smart lock settings too.

2.Plugin a mouse or keyboard to your Android device.


➣Did you can plug in the mouse or keyboard to the android device and play games or use for any apps for more using more comfortably and precisely.

➣you just need either need an OTG cable or a mouse or keyboard with micro USB cable.
➣You can simply connect and play.

➣When you connect mouse immediately you can see the cursor on the screen.

Besides this, you can even run your Android platform in pc using this software called “blue stacks”

3.Download google maps to view offline.

➣You can download the google maps to view offline.

➣select the location you want to download offline by searching in google maps, now tap on top left menu and select offline areas, now you can see an option download offline, tap it and your map will be downloaded for offline use

➣It will consume lot of data to download , so wifi is recommended.

➣This feature is very useful when you go to new places and don’t want to use data,due to low Balence or roaming.

4.Hidden Android Game.

➣Did you know your android device got a hidden game and yes,you can play it by following below steps
➣First go to settings>about phone>android version
➣Then just simply tap continously on android version and a logo appears ,now long pres and there you you go,you can see the game and you can play it as many times as you want.
➣Although game is little hard and design varies with your device android version.i.e different design for “lollipop” and “marshmallow” versions.

5.Split screen mode.

➣Did you know you can use two diffeernt apps on single screen on android ,means screen will be split into two and half screen for one app and other half for other app.
➣This feature was available only to high end devices before,but now with android nougat ,its available to all devices with this version of os.
➣You can watch movie along with browsing facebook or chatting on whatsapp.
➣Allthrough only some apps don’t support split screen,but almost all apps supports.

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