25 Tips On How To Be Better At Writing

Here Are The Best Tips For Perfect Writeup For Either An Article Or A Book !

Far from everyone is a nature-born writer. There are still tips on how to write better given by experts in the area of writing.

  • Spend every day writing a piece. Practicing only will make it to where you become better at writing.
  • Read all the time. Reading is a reverse process of writing.
  • Read different tones of a letter and create style taxonomy you prefer. Read as if you were an author: pay attention to the structure, tone, shape, grammatical structures and so on. Try to write one and the same made up extract in the manner of your favorite authors.
  • Make it work – take a sentence and destroy its structure. Put verb passive, adjective after substantive, remove a preposition, and think how else it may be changed. You may ignore the rules of formation rules and play with shape if you are sure about the fact that you know it well.
  • Read style-guides of different publishers. AP, the New York Times have it.
  • Details matter. If you ask 5 people to write a unique story about apple tree growing in the countryside, those stories will turn out to be different. If to ask to make an important news, it will be in the context of the latest news. The context we live in has a significant meaning.
  • Write on what you want. Then leave the first and the last extracts. It is an universal rule – writing a story, it is going to be better if to leave the first and the last extracts.
  • Eat more fruits; keep fit taking care of your body. If your body says no, your brain will go down the same road.
  • Do not ask for permission. In other words, do not say anything like “it seems to me”, “in my opinion”. A reader is aware of it to be your opinion as long as you are an author.
  • Drink coffee. No coffee, no creativity.
  • Be honest. Tell people what they know but never speak about. Someone may be angry with you while some may be grateful. In case you are not ready to be honest, do not even attempt to write.
  • Do not offend anyone. It goes against the previous rule but it is essential to strike a balance. Just remember that hurting someone you spoil your karma.
  • Do not be afraid of what people say. Perhaps, there are 10 people whose opinion matters to you. As for the rest, let them say what they please. Some people stick to writing negative comments day and night. Someone simply have a bad day.
  • At the same time be ready to admit your errors. Criticizing yourself, each time find something what can be improved.
  • Pay attention to a headline and announce. If a publishing style allows, shock your readers with the headline.
  • Steal. Not literally. Always look at your competitors` experience, find better things and improve them.
  • Make people burst out with tears. If you ever was in love, you know what it feels like. Make people feel emotions. Tell about your childhood, in which they were living together, be nostalgic about it, and write about important things.
  • Seek help from people. The last decade was absolutely awful. For everyone. America went into a recession of posttraumatic stress disorder after September 11 and crisis of the year 2008 made it worse. Someone got a divorce, someone lost friends, but we keep on fighting, with government, loneliness, and this all. Nobody is perfect. We all keep trying though. Show people that you are one of them. No one expects to see a superhero in you.
  • Time is a healer. Even if you wrote a silly thing and you are hated, sometime will pass and everyone will forget about it. You may change, start writing on other topics. The main thing is to never give up.
  • Take a risk. Find information no one knows of, visit cities no one visited. Write even if you know that it may cause tons of critique. Do not be afraid of anything and believe in yourself.
  • Make jokes. Most people like to have fun. They are tired of problems at home, at work, they just want to have a rest. Which is why when you write on something serious, try to explain it simply.
  • The last line is equal to an explosion. Your text is worth of nothing if the last line does not leave an understanding why s/he read it all within a person. Take a Jesus`s son short stories book written by Denis Johnson. Its final lines are about it.
  • Use short sentences. Put commas where necessary. Do not put semicolon at all.
  • Write the way you speak. You have a style of your own, you feel the world under a certain angle. Be faithful to yourself in the process of writing.
  • Collect ideas. James Altucher in his book called How To Be The Luckiest Man Alive developed this topic. You should exercise coming up with new ideas every day (for example, suggestions as for topics of the articles).

About the author: Melisa Marzett working for skywritingservice.com is a writer and thus an author of many articles on various topics. Reading her pieces makes it to where you get to understand what a good writing is. The topics vary but she is ready to accept any challenge and to make it enjoyable to read by enthusiastic readers.

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